10 sketches and a video: Drawing with a bamboo pen

in #art4 years ago

A handmade bamboo pen is a thin bamboo straw cutted like a nib. I used to draw with that tool and ink many years ago. Today I showed in my Drawing Class how to use the bamboo pen - and how to make it.

It is not a very easy kind of pen - nor so useful, honestly. But it is something you could like to try.

I did some sketches and a video:


Your style is very interesting, it reminds me to picasso style so i like it!

i also love when you put these fishes on the paint, like if were related to steemit!

Delle opere davvero particolari! Un saluto @giornalista

Masterpiece of work this is so good to see that

Molto belle. Particolari.

Wow this is amazing to see beautiful work with using bamboo pen :D

Beautifully created artwork so impressive and outstanding

this is so nice and i liked this post a lot sir so good

the last art is really interesting so cool awesome

Simply marvelous these are superb wow :)


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