how leonardo da vinci painted so thin ?

in #art4 years ago

In the middle east they go into caves and block the entrances to meditate,

after a week or so they see a flash of light, they think its the light of Allah,

what they are seeing is a neutrino hit the optic never and send a flash down it and the brain sees a flash light.

I think that's whats going on in this painting.

lady might be reading a bible. seeing the light of god.

also Leo's paintings are made of layers of paint 2 microns thick.

modern printers can only do that with some colors, they cant find any material that will print that thin.

a micron is 1000th of a millimeter.

no one can reproduce his paintings. fakes are paintings from the same time as Leo just with a fake signature or something.

a modern fake can be identified with a magnifying glass because you can always see the different colors sticking up a bit. you cant do that for the originals.

if they are prints they are printed with a better printer than we have today.

That showed the Leonardo avoided mixing colors on a painter’s palette like his contemporaries did. Instead, he applied thin layers of paint directly on the canvas in different colors one on top of the other to create a rich texture.

He painted one color at a time and waited for it to dry then did the next. Kinda more like printing, but how so thin ?

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