GAME OF THRONES Missandei Digital Painting - 10 Weeks Drawing Challenge Day 6

in art •  2 years ago


Hi Guys,

this is the result of today's Digital Painting study.


Tried to work on my values, but I can feel that I am getting better from painting to painting. It's just important to keep on going :).

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Would you guys be interested in seeing more timelapses or step-by-step tutorials?

What did you draw today?

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Very talented @palien! I think missandei is one of the prettiest characters in GoT and you have painted her amazingly well!


hey @krys yeees she is such a beauty! So elegant and fine and subtle. I really love her -

Amazing work! Resteemed.


Hey there! Thank you very much! Also for the resteem :D <3


You're very welcome! Really liked the painting a lot :-)

That's quite remarkable!!


Hey @sacka, thank you so much! :)

@palien this is beautiful. I'm an animation lecturer and although my specialism is mostly stop motion I can appreciate the skill that goes into digital artwork like this. Looking forward to seeing more. I'll follow you :)


@charlotteblacker Hey there, thank you so much! I actually studied animation but I always thought I am stronger in illustration and concept art :) Thank you so much for your support and follow!