100 Follower Event WINNER - 10 Weeks Drawing Challenge Day 17

in art •  last year


Hi Guys,

so today I want to introduce the Winner of my 100+ Follower event I started last week.
Since my boyfriend is a programmer I asked him if he could do a raffle from all my followers. So he wrote a few lines!


He took all my followers and by pressing enter, I script randomly picked a name out of the list :)


so the winner is @airmatti !!
Please get in touch! I will draw you a little steemit button with content of your choice!
If it should happen that the winner will not get in touch, I also selected two other followers to be in the queue :)

And also to update you on my last piece, this is the current wip!

Have a nice day guys!
What did you draw today?

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Your Art's is so different but cool
I'm soppert you and you soppert me and vote