100+ Follower Event and finished rogue painting

in art •  last year

Hey Guys,

a few days ago I reached over 100 Followers on Steemit! Thank you so much for the support and the warm welcom from all of you :)


I would like to celebrate that with you! But how? Do you have any ideas? I thought about randomly picking a follower and draw a small caricature or tell me your favourite character and I will try to do a potrait :) But maybe your ideas are even better? Maybe something for the Twitch Community?

Also, I would like to keep you update with my last painting. It turned out to be a bit kitschy, but that never hurt no one :D

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Congrats ! draw me :))


: D Thank you ~~ maybe you will be the lucky one? :P


That would be fun :D

Perhaps offer to draw a select few of your followers an icon to use here on Steemit.

Nothing too time consuming, but also rewarding to existing followers. :)


@namiks thats a very good idea! Yeah I had something not so time consuming in mind, so an Icon would be very good! :) Cheers!

Congratulations mate!

Also, I really like the painting - looks like a female version of Taric from League of Legends, ha!


hey @sjennon :D Thank you :D just had a look at it and omg its so true, also he looks a little bit like prince charming, haha :D


Hahaha yes! Especially the pink skin!

You're fuc..g talented! I love your sweet "cartoonish style" and how you use colors. You have 1 more follower.


hey there @eternalsunshine thank you sooo so much :) Good to see you here!

Congratulations .....i wish you more blessing


hey @fashionsteemit Thank you so much :) Likewise!

Congrats! :D


heey @giuato :D thank youu <3