10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - Day 9

in art •  last year

Hez Guys,

today I tried something different :). So a quick not finished study of a forest :) Hopefully will get better at this, since its important for my upcomic project :).

What did you draw today?


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I am not a painter, but I think you did a great job drawing this picture. You have some talent. Keep it going :)

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Wow. Amazing. I don't know why, but I usually love quick draws by artists. Sometimes even more than their "official" and normal drawings. And this one is no exception. I love the colors.

What is your setup to draw, do you have a graphical tablet @palien ?

And since you're asking,
this is what I drew today (well not today, but a few days ago :))


Heey @eternalsunshine. Love your piece!! Reminds me of Art Nouveau a bit :D.

Yes I am drawing with a wacom graphic tablet and photoshop :)

Thank you again soo much for your comment! :)