10 Weeks Drawing Challenge Day 7 - Do not break the chain!

in art •  2 years ago

Hey Guys,

today I had a very nice day in London with a good friend so we spent a lot of time doing something in the city and we actually went to the Hogwarts store in Kings Cross which was pretty funny. So I didn't have the time to draw or practise something properly.

This is the result from today:

Its sloppy. Its not good. But it's still something I did today to not break the chain. I am pretty tired and feel kinda bluish and I could really feel my mind struggeling with getting out of bed, grab the sketchbook and a pencil and start something. After five minutes I stopped. Which is okay.

My point is, sometimes we don't feel like doing something what we actually like and thats okay. But part of my process at least is to not break the habit and fall into old pattern. The result is not great, but I will embrace that I
did at least something today :O

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Every day, bit by bit...


Yeees! :D

Nice sketch! :)
In my opinion though don't make this into a chore, you will eventually burn out :) I'm telling this from personal experience.
I've noticed for myself the best way to get pumped up and get the urge to draw is by watching pictures of people or certain arts, it is truly inspiring.


@hentikage , Yes a lot of people tell me this from their experience, and I think you all are definiteley right in a certain way, but right now this gives me power and motivation and even though it's hard from time to time, I feel a lot better than doing long breaks (which in the past lead me to depression and feeling like... without purpose? (if that makes sense)... I also think as soon as it becomes a natural habit (like brushin teeth or so), it will burn away the fear of starting and wrong perfectionism which lead me to not drawing for months, even years. I am spending a lot of time outside inbetween and enjoy life, so right now its just about the relief of actually being productive and confident with myself at the end today. Also I can appreciate the breaks or other things a lot more because I know, that I already did something that helps me grow. Before I always had a bad conscience of even having fun or doing social activies. I think what I am doing right now might not be the perfect or healthiest way, but at least right now it feels somewhat better than what I did before :). If that makes sense... And I also see this process as a process... Maybe in a few months/years I am a lot wiser how to use/schedule my time and make the most out of it without feeling guilty and more confident with myself and my art.. we'll see :D But thank you for you kind words! :) Really appreciate it!

You can start a new drawing and come back to this later. Some of the best drawing start off like this. Keep it up @palien


hey @mphil thank you so much! Yes you are right :D Have to keep that in mind!