Game of thrones Myrcella & 10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - 2nd attempt

in art •  last year


Hey guys ,

long time no see, huh?
Well, I need to admit: I completely failed with my challenge. One week I was able to produce something for myself everyday and then got sloppy. I was quite busy with work but that's now excuse for myself.

Even though I have the feeling I progressed a bit. Like, mentalwise. Its a process, isn't it?

In the past I always got discouraged when I felt being unproductive and was kind of stuck in a devil's spiral. The less I did, the more I felt guilty, the less I did.

Now I just started to do something and don't think about it too much. I will just try to make it better this time!

This is my digital study from yesterday. It's Myrcella where I tried to paint her in a stylized way. I also attached a quick video of the process :)..

I hope you like it!

What are your suggestions for achieving your goals?

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Glad you are back! :)


hey theeere :) thank you so much!