10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - Day 10

in art •  last year

Hey Guys,

tonight I want to share a WIP I did today during my twitch stream :).

Actually I am planning on sending applications to big feature film companies and thought it would be a good idea to do visual development for an exsisting story. The story I decided for was Ronja Robber's daughter by Astrid Lindgren and this could be a sidecharacter. A smith thats good with swords and with cutting hair as well. or so. :)

Its just a snippet, will post the final result in the next blogposts!

What did you draw today?

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wow, so talented!


hey there, thank you so much :)

Looking great! =)

Me? Draw? I'm finishing off my latest painting. I'm hoping I'll be posting it tomorrow.


Hi leoplaw! Wow thank you so much! Had a look at your piece and its looking so great! Upvoted and followed! Keep up the hard work :)


Thank you @palien! I will, I will. I'm aiming to finish and post my latest drawing tomorrow. =)
No rest for the wicked.

Sweet :D Love the semi cartoony style.
Glad to have found you through @j-vo :D
I worked on a Cthulhu today xD Will finish and post tomorrow


@kristyglas thank you so much :) Aww thanks @j-vo for the resteem! :) Keep me updated on your Cthulhu!


You guys are both welcome! @kristyglas I love the style too - @palien your work is super awesome! I like sharing great artwork for my own personal inspiration later if I want to go back and look through all the awesomeness of others on my wall and also to help get other's to see such great stuff! Love to you both! Looking forward to seeing more from both of you!