Some great artist that I have met in Steemit IX

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Greetings dear steemians, here you have this weeks art report, as usually I'm going to present you three artist that have impressed me for their quality artworks, thanks to my dear readers for your support and especially @emeeseese and the community of EmeeseeseTrail that honoured me with their upvote in my spanish publication of the sixth volume of this art report. Here you have a link of the post in spanish and in english (link).


This recently joined steemian is an artist that has only two publications here and it's not very active publishing but still his quality is undeniable and I think that deserves all our support, his artworks are very colorful as we can see. You have here his blog. Link


Here we have another artist with impressive skills, this portrait in charcoal is excellent as we can see, he joined to Steemit in January so is still growing here and I think that he deserves all our support, please visit his blog (Link) he is very kind and explains his works perfectly, the proccess of the artwork and the context which he is doing it.


The last artist of this weeks report has very good drawings as we can see in this Marylin Monroe to the Warhol style, but also has amazing coloured drawings of birds, it's for what I've looked a very complete artist. To visit his page you have my dear readers a link here.

Hoping that you've enjoyed today's article I finally leave with my best wishes to you all.


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