I drew my sister!

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Heya! I'm done with the first part of my exams, finally. I still don't have the results but I think I did well (at physics in particular, surprisingly).

Here's the last thing I drew:

(Original art by me)

As soon as I got home after my last exam I started this drawing I've been wanting to do for the whole week as a present for my internet best friend, who is basically an adopted twin to me. I used a picture of her as a reference, I really liked it because of her all-pink outfit. The pose was pretty unusual and challenging too, and it was fun to draw it.

I used watercolour pencils to colour it, and a white gel pen.

Here's work in progress pictures and some sketches:

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I love the proportion of the body. I also love the colors. I wish I have the confidence to make artworks like this one.

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Wow, this is an awesome drawing. I love how it is possible to see the pattern of the dress with those little white dotts. Thanks for also sharing the sketches. I resteemed and I follow you :)

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