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I'd like to share with you another character from the same world as Yeats.

Her name is Transient! Ansi for short.

However, this isn't the name her master gave her. That name is long forgotten.

In the past, she had worked for a rather posh nightclub. She belonged to its owner, a wealthy man with a love for gambling. It wasn't one bad instance that broke him, but rather a series of poor bets over a year of unusually bad luck. He had lost well beyond his limit, and continued to dig the hole deeper in desperate effort to get it all back. Until finally, he had nothing left.

They took everything; his money, his house, the club, and... the attempted to take Ansi. By will of these self named "repo" men, Ansi was fated to fight in the underground. When she would not go willingly, they made a move to take her by force. They would have succeeded, too--if not for the violent efforts of another of her kind who took them by complete surprise. As that struggle ensued, Ansi seized the opportunity to run as quickly and as far away as her legs could carry her.

And she has never stopped.

Her life now is spent traveling from city to city. Her home, she figures, was never a place--but a moment in time. And so, she makes no effort to search for it. Ansi is perfectly content, traveling alone as a constant stranger in a foreign place. However, it seems she has the uncanny ability to attract other riff-raff and fellow transients, and when she travels alone it's never for very long.

(the second and fourth images were illustrated by my friend, J. The rest are my own works.)








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Ansi Adventures!!! Let there be more >:D ~<3

ajshdkjdhfskdjfdshf i love her very much <3 what a wonderful character design ! and the way you colour her, and place her in her strides, or other movements, are very wonderful and fluid <3

Gorgeous character !

Love your works so far, Bees <3 Please continue to post amazingggg~


thank you so much for your continued kindness, Boss!! Please continue to BE amazing aaa <3!!