I'm looking very forward to the release, I don't think many of us can comprehend the amount of work that goes into projects like this. Thank you @overkillcoin! <3 Your Art is needed!

Thats awesome.. good luck in the contest

It's not a contest though, just a crazy project :)

oh it said 2018 funniest crypto video.. I thought you were entering it in some geek contest

Nah, that's just a title I gave myself to sound awesomer. Plus barely anyone in crypto has a sense of humour, especially the earliest of adopters... :D

Hahahaha...Seems like Steemit is taken over by the contests (A living example here).
@overkillcoin I think I should agree with on that, Barely anyone in crypto has a sense of humour 😂

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Contests are pretty lame... The person running them makes the majority of contestants run in circles, some times doing an enormous amount of effort... They end with with severely discounted work and most everyone has wasted their energy... oh but wait! The recognition is (not) worth it! XD

That's like,
"Keep on rolling baby".


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You are the awesomesauce.

Or, as I like to say, cautiously awesome-istic...

mclovin the mcoversell

I'm waiting for the McBottom and the McRangeTrading :D

Yeah we hope so this video won't be in vain 😂😂
Come on Losers, appreciate the good stuff here (Whispering to Whales of course).

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They're a lost cause I think, look at the prices and it shows a good many of them have withdrawn :-/

And some left are mostly upvoting one another :/

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If not for being early adopters in crypto, those losers would all be at McDownTrend's XD

Nicely done and funny as all get out. Thanks @overkillcoin

This is just a trailer for the real animation that's out on the 18th :D

McDownTrends looks like a winner! If you can't beat them join them of course until the bull turns around!

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