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@yanes94 I want to throw that bear off a cliff :)

@overkillcoin I will help you to hide the crime :P

That bad bear needs some vigilante justice like in the Wild West :D

I bring my trident!
let's beat him up!

Feed that bear some hot wax from the candles hahaha...

We are going to give hard to the bear heheehehh.

Absolutely :D

@overkillcoin We have the same feeling, Darling!
I usually like the villains of the movies, but this villain has done me a lot of damage!
I do not say bad words but, damn! I hate it so much.
Of course it will be a home-run! :)

I think our bull is still a calf that is soon to be conceived by mother cow. @overkillcoin

Haha I love your innate style and the new characters we will get to enjoy. Also great to see you finding bits to post while you kick ass on the new venture.

We are gonna have some fun when the upswing hits and will be happy to have made the most out of challenging times.

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Hi Zeke, I've actually have a tonne of content to post, but I haven't wanted to give too much away... On tuesday, I'll have everything in one post :)


Who knows how much longer this will endure, hopefully I'll get better and not bitter XD

It looks legit to me! Where dat bull hiding?

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