Bee Speech

in #artlast year

Looks like another VERY bee-zy day, as it's day two of my new semi-job. (Still not sure if I'm an employee or just a vendor) Been working on an infographic for a top tech company. At this point, I'm just glad to have another client.

I need to apologize because I had wanted to make some Hive type banners, but the day got away from me. I barely had time to make this post. I might resort to pencil drawings during the week, until life stabilizes (which it probably won't :)

The enemy of Bee Speech

The sunsorship and suntralization has truly gotten out of hand on the Steemy. Sunny Boy is building a wack-ass crypto cult around himself — and instead of being rightfully despised, dudes still be kissing his bum or at least saying there's no right or wrong in what went down. Crazy fools :) Enjoy your time in the Sun, because it won't last!

So what's next?

Right now my main concern is just getting through the day. Yesterday was ultra frustrating, struggling through setting up communication platforms, file & font hassles, poor communication and some degree of panic for not being top-notch on my first day.

Maybe some voxels? Gotta run!!