A genesis in process

in art •  10 months ago

My current work in progress painting, titled “genesis” is in full swing. After two months of not painting due to hand surgery I am more excited than ever to have the brush back in my hand! This painting tells a story of a new beginning and creation through opposing forces. It is a journey from beginning to end, from dark into light and back again. My process for this painting has reflected this as well, in some places I have started very rough with exaggerated brush strokes and then go back into them to create contrast and define a structure. In other places I have done the opposite but always working from dark into light and then back again. This process of destruction and creation and redefinition all contribute to the over all theme behind this painting. Still a ways to go and more to say so stay tuned for more progress on this as well as other creations I have in the works 🤘🏼4BD55B52-C625-41F3-B62E-3697B30B8CFE.jpeg

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Fantastic painting man you have a new follower! Can't wait to see the progression

Yea it looks really artistic, followed.