Daily art #689 Commission

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This was a drawing I did for



Other places you can find me





If you like these then you can check out more @orcish and put me on follow to see more daily art. Resteem If you love my work <3

All art I post on steemit is my original work and you do not have my permission to trace, edit, or use this work without my own or the character owners direct consent


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ehy dear @orcish, I saw your profile, I really like your characters :-))
but usually for whom do you work? do you also draw comics?
congratulations on the curie vote

Hi @road2horizon
My clients find me on twitter, deviantart, and tumblr just through word of mouth and grass roots means. I normally get 2 to 3 commissions per day on average.
I barely ever get commissioned to do comics but I enjoy doing them on my free time. I did these ones just the other day.

it's really nice that you can work on this, it must be very satisfying! did you study graphic art or are you self-taught?

Hello Hello!

What a spectacular, super cute and very creative art!

Greetings from Venezuela♡

Thank you!

Hi orcish,

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This girl drawing is very sensual. I would have liked a lilac top with blue lips but I have no skills as a draftsman. Cheers @orcish

I read in the comments that you get 2 to 3 commission a day on average - WOW! Congratulations! I like to see successful artists :)

I like this lady. She looks a bit like a gypsy :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!