The Watched

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Watching the watchers of the watched

The drawing I'm sharing today is inspired by the @hardfork-series latest post CFS: Exposing the OverWatchers, and specifically the role of the OverWatchers.

“OverWatcher” is human surveiller. Also used for face-to-face interrogators

I imagined a dystopian future where every movement and interaction was monitored, it didn't take much imagination. How do we know who are the watchers? The days are filled with feelings of paranoia about who is listening and recordings our moves. We are always on the lookout. We start watching for the watchers as they watch the watched. Are we the watched, or are we becoming the watchers?


Drawing ink, marker pen and water-based paints over a watercolour background.



'The Watched' -2017


Watercolours, drawing ink and water-based paints on paper

Don't forget to check out @hardfork-series and their post CFS: Exposing the OverWatchers.


I love the color palette and the emotionless countenances, very cool. "We start watching for the watchers as they watch the watched." As we listen to the twisted words and reasonings of the demagogues we become pawns in the game of groupthink and conformity... of control.

Great description of the work and ideas @clumsysilverdad

This is so creative and cool @opheliahfu! I wish I could upvote this more than once.

Haha, once is more than enough!

This is AMAZING!!! Love it!!

Thank you Doug. You know you were actually the inspiration behind a line in one of my recent poems. But i'll keep you guessing for now.

oooh now that is nice. you know my taste in art well!

Very beautiful drawings

Glad you liked them!

The colours are grasping ! A beautiful palette and a unique capture thanks for sharing 😀

Thank you very much

Beautiful! Congratulations

I like it very much. It's so mysterious and weird :O

You are very creative in imagining, I like this. . Very good art @opheliafu

Thank you very much @nazarwills, glad you liked it!

I really like the results of your paintings, bright colors make good in the eye, you are very creative, good job @opheliafu , if you have tame please you are vidis my blog

very creative

ur welcome.
if you have time please your visit my blog.

a really beautiful job, I love the subtle color range, congratulations dear friend @opheliafu for the maginitud of this work
thank you very much for these beautiful gifts
I wish you a beautiful day

A pleasure to share my daily work here and with you.

In a strange way we are our own watchers!
And peace comes just when we are one, when there's a good connection and acceptance between me the watcher and me… the one being watched.

So if we become one... people to people...
We will feel free even if we are watched!

I'm watching you, @opheliafu!

Cz you're doing a great job with those words! 😊👍
Ⓢ ⓣ ⓔ ⓔ ⓜ Ⓞ ⓝ!

I think the people who really need to watch it are celebrities like George Carlin and Prince, both of whom died of drug overdoses . . . allegedly. When celebrities criticize the PTB, their message reaches the ears of millions and the PTB don't like that. I hope David Chappelle understands this and shuts up. As for me, the watchers who really bug me are my nosy next door neighbors.

I suspect they may have a security camera covering their property, but incidentally viewing us too.

Are we nearing such future, @opheliafu? The guys from your painting look like robots.

It looks that way some days

great artwork!

Do they work for the NSA?

Interesting subject and theme! Who is the watcher who's watching the watchers? Maybe the watcher is important as the watched or maybe the watcher is watching himself. Ok, here it's late and maybe my thoughts are sleepy ;)

We could go round in circles with that thought :D

This series is good.

The painting is simple, but high value, unique and amazing 👍😊

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