Sun Eye

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Ink drawings

Today, I'm sharing with you one of my recent ink drawings 'Sun Eye' from a series of drawings I have created called 'Strange Creatures'. In this series the paper is prepared with ink marks and water and ink washes, to create monochrome surfaces of pattern before a dip pen is used to create a line drawing. The image of the eye that I have drawn in this piece has a hint of a leg at it's base. This character is the inspiration for a couple of the strange creatures in a larger drawing I'm currently creating -keep an eye out for that piece!


An important part of my practice as an artist is experimentation with materials. I dedicate time to trying out new materials or techniques, and expand my approaches to drawing. This year I've been using a lot of black ink to create my drawings, this really started to be the main medium I was working with when I was creating the illustrations for Doug Karr's novel Dwelling. It is a medium I continue to return to as I explore the relationship between the wet medium of ink and the surface qualities of the papers.




Sun Eye


Ink on paper

Part of the 'Strange Creatures' collection.


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This has an almost psychological feel about it, if that makes any sense, but I mean in a good way, like a sort of 50's Hitchcock feel.

The gif of the scratch nib pen is hypnotically soothing, but that might just be my addled brain this morning :)


The follow on piece from this one definitely has that 50's vibe to it - good eye @donnadavisart

Good one...:)...

As I've said before, you have a thing for eyes :) Awesome work!


Eye, eye... so you have :D

Great work, Beautiful art my friend. Love your post very much....

It sounds like it's quite an involved process. But the end result looks quite nice and well worth it. Thanks so much for sharing and explaining how you do it.

I was upvoted for you, if you follow me, i will follow back, thanks

soo beautiful drawing 😍 lovely work opjeliafu 😍😍

It's a pretty creative design I love the detail of combining the sun with the eye because it has double function that in my opinion the flares of the sun are the eyelashes is great!