Painting herbs

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A sea of purple flowers

As the early days of Autumn roll in the flowers and leaves in my herb garden change colour, providing a beautiful sea of purple, green and burnt umber. I grow many different herbs in this small patch of ground close to my kitchen door, it started with a few small plants a couple of years ago but the oregano has done a great job of self-seeding itself and now there is quite a spectacular display of its purple flowers. I use many of the herbs I grow for cooking, but I also grow them because the bees love the flowers.


In my herb patch I grow different varieties of marjoram, thyme and oregano. There is also rosemary and sage, and in pots I grow dill, mint and a bay tree.
green inkmarks.png

Creating a painting

Taking advantage of the sunny weather I did a spot of painting outside. I started off the image by dripping watercolour paint down the paper.



Once the paint drips were dry I added the leaves and flowers with watercolour.



I think this piece will sit next to my dried herbs in the kitchen, to provide me with a splash of colour even during the winter months when my herb garden isn't looking so vibrant.


'Purple Oregano', watercolour on paper

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I love the colours of this time of year! However, my garden is beginning to revel in it's weeds. Oh well, late Summer gardens are about the profusion of plants, all of them, even the pesky invasive ones ;)


Oh yes, those pesky weeds. In a few weeks time I'll be digging up a lot of the garden in preparation for winter and to move some of the plants. So I'll let the weeds be for now.

Wow great painting...
I like it and i love that purple colour


Thank you, I find these shades of green, red and purple paint work well together when combined - the green makes the other colours pop!

awesome and great painting @opheliafu,It looks very original..great talent you have.And you really care for flowers,nature will bless you always.Thanks to share with us.

Nice post i like it and great flowers and painting and thank to share with us

Wow, great artwork. I love those different colors of leaves :)


I have not used watercolour paint since i was in school.

Very very beautiful painting and well written article ! This is full of nice insights ! I love it ! Very inspiring :)


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So beautiful and gorgeous!! ❤ very wonderful colors and contrast.
Superb handmade drawing; 👌beautiful art work ❤

Beautiful,lovely, calm, happy.

I am truly inspired!! :3

Ohhh nice! i love painting things like this! ^_^ so pretty

@opheliafu autumn with its magical colors are a source of incredible inspiration, the work really very beautiful, I really like the colors you've used, thank you very much for this beautiful gift
I wish you a prosperous week

When I had a garden, I loved it to let the aromatic plants grow to flowers, ..they have not often the opportunity to show their flowers as we cut the plants for the cooking ..;-)
Love your tints of greens, it will be a wonderful idea and great touch of colour ! ^_ ^

looks very nice and easy to paint!
I am also thinking to do the herbs art collection!)))

Very pretty. I like how you captured the outlines of the leaves, and the beautiful purple color. Good job!

Your color compliment each other without overpowering and ad a simple beauty. Thanks so much!