Overripe Blonde

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Drawing for Dwelling

I created this image as a series of sample images of the 'unripe blonde' I sent to Doug Karr when we were discussing the style of drawing for his novel Dwelling. I'd dismissed this image and only found it today when going through a pile of old work. I think at the time I felt she looked too old to be the 'unripe blonde' in @dougkarr's novel, she was more overripe.



An unripe blonde leaned against the doorway as Dorian Teasdale, the picture of maturity at twice her age, slipped his key in the six-story walkup lock.
The drunken artist dragged the blonde into the foyer from the street. Her eyes met Mioko's sign as Dorian struggled to fit his key into the second door lock.

@dougkarr Dwelling -CHAPTER ONE The Tenement


'Unripe Blonde' the image used for CHAPTER ONE The Tenement of Dwelling

pink inkmarks.png

More ink

After rediscovering my 'lost' drawing I decided to add a few more tones to it, so out came my drawing inks again. I used black drawing ink and water to add washes to areas of the wall, and to put subtle tones on her face.


I'm glad I rediscovered this picture. I remember when I was creating it I had Rod Stuart's song Maggie May playing in my head, and when I found the drawing today the song began to play again in my mind -''The morning sun when it's in your face really shows your age''.


'Overripe Blonde'

Ink on paper


I'm thrilled to announce that DWELLING, an illustrated crime novel collaboration between myself and fellow Steemian @dougkarr, set in New York’s Lower East Side, is now available in print and ePub.

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg
Dwelling available on Amazon


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I like many of your works because of the level of realism you achieve in people's faces, you are really very creative. Congratulations
I wish you a beautiful afternoon dear friend @ opheliafu /


Thank you, i try to portray emotions through a few lines.

I love this and not just because I can relate to the term 'overripe blonde' ;)


I'm an overripe brunette :D

Really Nice , i influence of your drawing art , keep it going
Best regard

wow, congrats on the book! The illustrations look fabulous!