Mapping Lines - a DADA drawing

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Drawing on DADA

I'm showing you today a drawing I created recently on DADA, it is called mapping lines.
DADA is a fantastic place to collaborate and draw with others to create visual conversations.

Below you can see the tools I used on the DADA platform to create the drawing.


Creating an image on


Mapping Lines


You can find mapping lines on DADA.

DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself - and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.


An animation made from the drawing

green inkmarks.png


A selection of my DADA drawings


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Have a great day and Steem on!

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I imagine that in the face of some emotions, the veins of the human being work like this! They expand and become more visible. Although looking at your image I can think that we are all a map, with straight lines, curves, hidden treasures. If it is not enough to look at the face of an old man to realize that there are lines that speak of the roads traveled. Nice image to close this Wednesday. Nice night, @opheliafu.


The lines on the face are not just formed by time, but by experience and the journeys we have been on. Thank you for this lovely reading of the work @nancybriti

Cool @opheliafu the map of roads a face the earth our veins so many lines to create so many vast things :)


I was influenced by my own lines :D

@opheliafu hello dear friend. Excellent work
I really like the gif of this work, you can appreciate the work that is in it to see its final finish
thank you very much for giving us these creative works
I wish you a beautiful night and a happy rest