Ink Foot

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Making marks

An important part of my practice as an artist is experimentation with materials. I dedicate time to trying out new materials or techniques, and expand my approaches to drawing. This year I've been using a lot of black ink to create my drawings, this really started to be the main medium I was working with when I was creating the illustrations for Doug Karr's novel Dwelling. It is a medium I continue to return to as I explore the relationship between the wet medium of ink and the surface qualities of the papers.


Today, I'm sharing with you one of my recent ink drawings 'Ink Foot' from a series of drawings I have created called 'Strange Creatures'. In this series the paper is prepared with ink marks to create monochrome surfaces of pattern before a dip pen is used to create a line drawing.



Ink foot


Ink on paper

Part of the 'Strange Creatures' collection.


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wow! very nice touch with the ink....this looks very nice and I love the story behind it


Thank you - there is nice subtle range of tones and surface pattern in the original created by the light ink washes.

I do not understand what kind of drawing it dear friend


It's more of an abstract piece - but there is the suggestion of a leg and foot

Cool technique! I love the outcome :-)

a perfect drawing you added to the collection :)
Your creativity does not stop!
I'm your fan. congratulations


Very nice comment. I visited your blog. It's really nice. I like your posts "portraitcontest - black and white", "portraitcontest - Framed Portraits" and "Photography - Swamp Flower".

Very nice, awesome, wonderful, cool and mind blowing post. Thanks a lot. Following you to get more updates.

Great drawing from you. Perfect combination. I enjoy your work. .... my friend.

I love your work in Dwelling and I love this- I guess safe to say I love all your ink work <3