Energy Lines - a sketchbook drawing

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A visit to Glastonbury

Last week I visited the town of Glastonbury in Somerset, a county in the south west of England. There is an interesting selection of independent shops and galleries in the town, exhibiting and selling the work of craft makers and artists.

On my walk around the town I saw many beautiful buildings, and the ruins of the 7th century Glastonbury Abbey. There are many legends connected to Glastonbury and the abbey, including that it is the burial place of King Arthur and that the Glastonbury Thorn flowered from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea. Overlooking the town is the Glastonbury Tor, a hill that is topped by St Michael's Tower. At the foot of the tor are two springs, the Chalice Well and the White Spring, the waters of the springs rise from the caverns underneath the Tor.

Pictures taken around Glastonbury





Doodling 'Energy Lines' in my sketchbook

When I returned from my trip to the town of Glastonbury I created this drawing in my sketchbook.


I started creating the drawing in my sketchbook using black fineliner.



I then bled the fineliner pen with water, I also added hints of colour to the drawing using watercolours.



green inkmarks.png

'Energy Lines'


Pen and watercolour on paper

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Amazing where one receives the inspiration for their artistry. Enjoyed the photos as well. Thanks.

Nice and colorful. Great pictures Ophelia

@opheliafu that beautiful photographs dear friend, without doubt these places are a source of inspiration, congratulations for this creative work
I wish you a beautiful night

Very artistic.

East and west opheliafu is the best

Wonderful study and I love seeing these head returns. And I love that area of England as well, must have been a lovely day out.