Drawing angels

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I thought it only fitting to write this post whilst listening to Aerosmith's 'Angel' on repeat. The 1988 video rocks.

I have a workshop at the weekend and the theme is angels, so it's time to get planning. I've been busy experimenting with possible outcomes and it's become quite a messy day. I've had yellow and blue fingers most of the day, a combination of oil pastels and ink.

Experiment 1

Pink sugar paper coated with yellow ready mix paint, left to dry. Design drawn with oil pastels.

Experiment 2

Orange sugar paper coated with light orange ready mix paint, left to dry. Design drawn with oil pastels and wax. Two layers of watercolours added.

I used a resist technique with the oil pastels against a darker watercolour to suggest rays of light. However, I also wanted to combine this light with the vibrancy of bold colour.

I hope you enjoyed these, more to follow soon.

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I completed this post with a lip sync to Aerosmith - 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing', (finishing with my hand on the monitor).

👄Maybe the next Steemit contest could be The Steemit Lip Sync Battles? 👄

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Angel workshop, great idea! I like the second the most, they are so colorful.

Thank you, I've injected colour into most of the pieces. I can't resist bold colour!

I do like the first, love anything to do with angels :)

That's fantastic, as I'm about to post a lot of them! ;D

Brilliant, can't wait :)

Great idea, Steemit-Lipsync-Battles :-) May I use my sock puppet?

I'm not sure, I'd have to check the rules (that I haven't written yet).

Hehe, I can almost see the lip syncing. The light rays are fab!

I think you would be the best Steemian to run with The Steemit Lip Sync Battle idea, as you know I'm an introvert.

Hoho, yes. I am struggling to make out which part of that statement might be true ;0)

Very nice. Followed. Do you sell these?

Not these ones, but I may put some new angel themed work on Peerhub soon.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I like orange background and bold color, nice work @opheliafu

I have a real fondness for the colour orange at the moment, maybe due to autumn?

Aerosmith is a great choice for drawing angels. I'm glad to see another artist uses repeat with her tunes. I wasn't sure anyone else did that too. Love these. And I love how you can be inspired by music. I can see this song is ideal. The jewel tones are rich and fabulous.

Fortunately @cryptofunk was out, otherwise I think he would have been driven mad by Steven Tyler.

Or inspired?

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I thought about a lip sync battle to work in conjunction with OpenMic because I think we could definitely have a lot of fun with costumes and video BUT...I'm trying to Steem AND finish my WriMo novel!
And Angel by Aerosmith... I think I may have groaned. It was my high school senior banquet song. Have I mentioned I hated high school? LOL