Doily leaves

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Doily leaves

An illustration for my short story 'The Girl who Sings to Snails'. The snails have been munching the leaves and Lucy's mom is not happy!


'Overnight the plants in the garden had their leaves nibbled and munched so much that they now resembled paper doilies...

Lucy looked at the leaves, she thought they looked rather pretty and held one up to the sky. The light shone through the holes and danced on the palm of her outstretched hand'

From 'The Girl who Sings to Snails' by Ophelia Fu


Black drawing ink and watercolours on paper

laceleaf small.jpg

2nd attempt

I decided that the first leaf I drew wasn't quite right for my story, so I literally went back to the drawing board!


Ah, that's better...


Have a great day!


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Great! It's a good way not to stop to the first try!

Amazing thanks for sharing


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Really nice colors!

what beautiful drawing ... l Iove it

Very creative and good stories! You might consider to bring them together in a book for children. Congratulations!

talented !!!

Very unusual)

That's a very creative post. Both showing off your drawing skills and storytelling. Well done!


Thank you very much, happy you enjoyed it!

What a great work! Congratulations. I found you're first attempt very similar to a technique that my girlfriend's uses. Hope you can check it out in my blog! Have a good day

Another beautiful leaf! Amazing, great artwork and story

Woow great artwork i love how looks this:


You like the first one, excellent!


Yes ophe it looks very very natural

hi Ophelia. consider selling your artworks using my showcase website, if you want. :)

wow great work

So great to see the progression of your picture, and I love your photography too. Thanks for sharing!

Very nice :)
Image of dksartRegularSteemit

I think I like the first one too, as a one off picture.

That is really cool. New follower first one as well..

Nice drawing

wow, keep drawing my dearest @opheliafu you are doing a good job here. I am impressed

Lovely :) I love your set up; the green, the purple, and the coffee of course (chai tea? Hot chocolate? ...cold chocolate?)