City in Blue -my DADA drawing

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Under the stars

I'm sharing with you today the process of how I created the digital drawing 'City in Blue' on DADA. The drawing depicts a cityscape under the stars. I created the drawing as part of a visual conversation called 'City' on DADA, it is an amazing visual platform where you can connect and draw with other artists from all over the world.

DADA was envisioned with the goal of creating a vibrant creative community where artists can share their individual visions and connect with each other for the common good.


green inkmarks.png

Drawing on DADA


The initial stages of creating my drawing

The digital drawing was created using my drawing tablet and pen, and the Smartpad drawing tools on the DADA platform. The tools on DADA include a paintbrush, eraser and pencil option, and the option to alter the opacity of the colour.


Smartpad drawing tools on DADA.NYC

You can see below some of the different stages of how I made 'City in Blue', a digital drawings on DADA.



'City in Blue'


This image is part of a visual conversation on DADA called 'City'. You can see more of the visual conversation on DADA here:

DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself - and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.


A couple of my cityscape inspired designs on Cryptogreetings cards


Redbubble shop

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Very nice @opheliafu I also like the color on the greeting cards. Are you drawing directly on screen with stylus pen? I recently bought an iPad, love it! my first project was so much fun drawing digitally, game changer.


No, I'm using a separate drawing tablet and pen. Currently drawing on the platform works best on my computer, but at some point I would like to move over to using a ipad and pen and drawing straight onto the screen- making things a bit more portable!


Ok yeah, I work like that with a separate tablet for years. Yes definitely worth the investment to make the move to drawing on screen. I was surprised how natural it feels and you still have the flexibility of digital.


I love my wacom cintiq 13 hd, it's older so used one's are really resonable and I love the feel of the screen, it's like paper or canvas when you draw on it.

I love this colour blue of the city.

I like the idea of crypto greeting cards, cute.

Very good. You create something amazing with so few lines. I like it a lot.


Thank you - i like the versatility of how you can create on DADA. I used the eraser tool on DADA to create a lot of the shape on this piece.

@opheliafu I love your creations, especially when you do works on cities, excellent work, thank you very much for letting us know
I wish you a beautiful nights


Thank you @Jlufer, it is nice to know you enjoy my cityscape work.

Nicely done. It expresses your talent for artistic work. Thanks.


Thank you very much @enjoywithtroy.

Beatifull Art @opheliafu, respects!!


Thank you very much @alexandracruz

hey, my friend hello.
I missed you and your works very much. I take a quick look at the wonderful drawings.
:) I am happy to see the legends


hello @artizm! Yes I'm still drawing :D

You r one of my fav art honestly. Plz send me your Instagram


That is very kind, I don't use Instagram

this so nice art good job :)