Buried Nest Eggs

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On SuperRare

My first piece of tokenized artwork in 2020 is Buried Nest Eggs, and the token is now for sale on SuperRare. The digital artwork is an animated gif, created using digital adaptations of my own original ink drawings.

Detail from creating the animation



Buried Nest Eggs


You can find Buried Nest Eggs on SuperRare.


Some of my other pieces on SuperRare


You can find my tokenized art on SuperRare, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace


wow. veru nice ink art! You are very good in this technic!

Eerily enchanting! I've missed your work. Trying to get back into steemit again and then keep up with everyone. Amazing group of work you've made for Super rare @opehilafu

Dear, @opheliafu, I am pleased to enjoy your first artwork of this year just released. As always, wonderful! I loved the blurry effect that goes from the darkest tones to the lightest. A hug for you.

It's so good to see you posting again!

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