Blossom -my DADA drawing

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Cherry blossoms

It is springtime, and the beautiful fragrance of blossom is starting to fill the air. I'm sharing another one of my digital drawings created on DADA, 'Blossom' part of the DADA visual conversation 'cherry blossoms'. This digital drawing is part of a wider visual conversation involving the work of other artists from around the world, including Cambodia, Peru, the United States, Venezuela and the UK.

You can start by browsing hundreds of amazing drawings and visual conversations or by making a drawing of your own. The more you draw and participate in the community, the more points you accrue and the more conversations you can participate in.


Drawing on DADA


Screen shots of the drawing process of 'Blossom' on DADA.NYC

The digital drawing was created using the drawing tools on the DADA platform. The tools available include a pencil, paintbrush, eraser, and the option to alter the opacity of the colour.


'Blossom' -my digital drawing made on DADA as part of the visual conversation 'cherry blossoms'.


The image is part of a wider visual conversation involving the work of other artists. See more of the visual conversation 'cherry blossoms' here:


DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings. Check it out at

DADA is much more than a showcase or a social network for artists. It is a space where artists can have visual conversations, play, explore, inspire, get inspiration and, eventually, gain more individual and collective power.


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What beautiful representation you have created dear friend @opheliafu, I always liked the flowers of the cherry tree. a really lovely work congratulations
Thank you very much for this beautiful gift.


Thank you, I was keen to join in with this conversation- I do love cherry blossoms, just a shame they can't last all year :D

Ooh very lovely! ♥
I wonder if there is a reason apart from the socialnetwork point to use this over Krita?


Krita the drawing application? I've never used that. Does it allow you to have 'visual conversations' -link to another artist's drawing?


Krita is basicly a pure but very popular and powerful drawing applicaton.
I think it doesn't come with visual conversations while i am not sure what that means but i think you mean what i called social network point... .
I see many artists on platforms like https:/ so i wonder if such a feature makes the application really more i wondered if it provides different features that are more powerful from what Krita provides.... or something like that.

digital art can be as demanding a medium as paint, charcoal or water colours - I found your drawing to be lovely and ethereal


Yes, it has taken a while to get used to using these new tools.

Oh, DADA is reflecting awesome Platform and in my opinion artists or people who have interest in Digital Art then they can try their hands because it's reflecting effective and i like your words as, on DADA fellow users speak through their drawings and yes in my opinion art is an universal language and that's why in ancient ages we find symbol languages on rocks. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

this is excellente. I love spring flowers....


Yes, they bring with them glorious colours to welcome in spring :D

Muy bello! ignoraba este art a través de DADA. voy a escudriñar, Buen Post.


Yes, check out the site @yris :D

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

Glad for your sake that Spring has sprung! We are moving into Autumn here in South Africa....

Wow, I like how do you make the background. I've created it too at DADA.

I like the work you do with DADA @opheliafu

So so beautiful, you surprised me with your great talent again. Have a nice weekend.

Hope this is still around when I go back on Dada; this is the kind of conversation I want to have:)


It was this weeks DADA drawing challenge :D