Biscuits and doodling on a rainy day

in art •  4 months ago


To dunk, or not to dunk (biscuits): that is the question.

On rainy mornings it's hard to find the motivation to throw on the raincoat and go out for a walk, especially when a cup of tea and a packet biscuits are calling me. ''Eat me, eat me, eat me!''


But it doesn't take long to turn into a biscuit eating monster. Nom, nom, nom.


Oh crumbs!

Maybe a bit of drawing on a rainy day will help take the biscuit munchies away... but probably not.




After I had finished my cup of tea I added a few more details to my doodle, it looks like this biscuit eating character has a few more friends to help with the biscuit eating. So that is why the biscuit packet is empty!


I suppose a walk is needed now to work off all those biscuits!

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Have a great day and Steem on!

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Ahaha nice one, this made me want some biscuit too:D !

Rainy day also here, but I have different biscuits to eat: little cookies with coconut and chocolate :)


Oooh they do sound nice. The other side of my biscuits were coated in chocolate, but nothing as fancy as coconut.

To dunk or not to dunk could be a statement on how much we choose to Embrace life. Do we don't get wet and experience or opt to be safe. Nice Artistry my friend.


And not to get too soggy that your bottom falls in hot tea.

Haha the final drawing is definitely better than cover image xD
I loveee dipping butter biscuits in tea ^-^


Maybe, though i wasn't going for a masterpiece... just a spot of doodling while dunking :D

Love me some biscuits!

There is nothing more beautiful to see and hear the sound of rain in the company of cookies and coffee. the scribble beautiful as always.
Thank you very much for sharing these doodles with us
I wish you a beautiful night dear friend @opheliafu

We also had a lovely day of rain! It was so wonderful and thunder too, so I spent less time on Steemit and more time in my studio :)

Definitely dunk !!
I like to dunk biscuits onto coffee ^_^
but you have to be deftly quick :

hot coffee eats the biscuit before you and you find the biscuity corpse melted at the bottom of the deadly cup =D

There's nothing better than doodling (or writing) on a rainy day, especially when biscuits and tea are close by. Are you guys going to make it to SteemFest this year @opheliafu?


I haven't made any plans to be in Poland yet, we will see.


We’re not sure if we’re going to make it either. Flights are more expensive to Poland than they were to Portugal or Amsterdam.