Beneath the Black Tree

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Under dark branches

Three figures stand under the bare branches of the black tree, they don't talk. Silence falls across the forest floor.

In this post I will share with you the process of how I created my ink drawing 'Beneath the Black Tree.'


Creating my drawing

The paper was scored into with a scalpel and grater (the kind you grate cheese with), then ink and water was applied, soaking into the score marks on the paper. The shape of the tree was added using drawing ink and a brush.


The paper was then left to dry upside down, allowing the ink to run along the marks in the paper.


Once the initial layers of water and ink had dried it was time to add the final details. When I looked carefully at how the ink had dried on the paper I saw the potential outline of three shadowy figures standing next to the tree.
New folder24.jpg

Following the subtle marks already on the paper as a guide, I added the three figures. I also drew in more branches on the tree, all using a dip pen and black drawing ink.


'Beneath the Black Tree'


Ink on paper

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Wow!!!Amazing please share Video ...


No video with this one

Awesome sketching 3 people watching on tree i need to know what is story of picture..! Good luck

and its was my sketching you can give your reaction about my sketching?



A lovely scene you have drawn, the red really creates a focal point.


Thank you so Much ! but your sketching is awesome its really helpful for sketching :)
if you don't mind please upvote my article i hope you like it Thank you

what a creativity!!

This is amazing.
You are so talented and so creative.
Love it.

The great knowledge of techniques allows you to perform beautiful works congratulations dear friend @ opheliafu /
I wish you a prosperous week

I must admit that I liked the technique you used to make that painting! It's wonderful what you did, thank you for sharing it with us

I am loving these, so ethereal.

good image I love your style.

minimalist and adorable ^^
i like the feeling it gives right away :)