What music accompanies your collection @onceuponatime?

in #art3 years ago

I have only a tiny little apartment

(but with a billion dollar view from Loutraki, overlooking the Gulf across to Corinth)


So I am very limited as to

how many inside pieces with which I surround myself.


Here is the music with which today

I choose to accompany the contemplation of my choices:


Some of my choices:











ArtOptimized-ArtBottleIMG_20180801_164256 (1).jpg



















Surrounded by Beauty, Mystery, and Intrigue



ouzo and out,

(Has anyone heard a rumor that we're gonna be stepping up our Game soon?)



Great artefacts and the song goes well, while looking at them all. My favourite is the man in the negative effect!

Your heaven got a stunning view of Gulf across to Corinth! But your choice of artworks tells me you like the view of ocean than other views! I don't know whether I am correct or not! But I feel you like to be an Aqua man!


Blue is a strong element for Greek artists isn't it :)

I guess because of so much sky and sea! So Greek artists need to look inside to find the red LoL

Hello, your view is beautiful!
Sign of the times brings happy tears of years of performing... music has been such a huge part of my dance career.
"Stop me crying baby..." goosebumps... with each note and each of your pictures.

"Its just what we know..." We just gotta get a way..... get away....
I wish I could have danced to this song.... such love in the words.
Thanks for the happy flow down my cheeks...

thought to share this with you my friend;


Be well.

I love all the art, but if I could only have one, I would want the view out the window!

Me too!

i do not hear any rumor ... do yo want to tell me?
Τhe song with your paintings created a sweet feeling.
I flew into another world. My own world... :)))

Thanks for that @onceuponatime!

Yeah exactly, You got a million dollars view. It is literally very stunning view.
And the Harry Styles one of my favorites of One Direction. He got just an amazing voice.
And your paintings are worth spending some time looking at.
Thank you for sharing with us

Thank you for your attention and comment!

Honoured by this..
But I have to say my friend's MVP painting is the best!!!!

I was very honored that she let me have it!

Hello Mr @onceuponatime ! What wonderful pictures and paintings are these ?
especially, Apostle Paul with the "prayer ropes"...
I wish you Good and healthy month !!!

If you are living in a tiny apartment with such mind blowing views. You are the lucky guy!

You have got a cool collection. The X-ray shape of you is a bit scary! :D

Doesn't scare me :-)

You are brave :P

Good collection and All pics are nice .. I like slow music...

And I am sure that slow music is very fond of you too.

Hey man you can't compare that view with money, It's priceless <3
I Love to listen to songs that brings tears to my eyes.

I know, eh. The tears wash out the dust.

Your view is absolutely stunning!!!!
Nature is an important part of my life and having such a nice and calm view of the ocean is definitely worth a million dollars!

Thank goodness it is actually quite inexpensive :-)

I liked Darth Vader's mask behind the Zeus statue! Do you know something that everyone else doesn't? Or it was just inspiration?

I double approve! Darth and Zeus especially, what a combo. But pray tell, who is the chap playing guitar with a big bare foot on his wahwah pedal?

His name is Rich Brown. He was lead guitarist in a rather mystical band of ne'er do wells that accompanied the performance of magical mystery musical plays on our ranch in northern Arizona on the edge of the Painted Desert, under full moons, a hop skip and a jump from Hopi Land. I don't know how we got away with it :-)

Hehe, you get the energy of that type of mystical madness from the pic. Arizona... Loutraki eh, a man of many places!

Who even cares how big apartment we live in. We only sleep there, eat there and perhaps watch tv sometime. This view is what counts. I could sit on a tiniest balcony and enjoy that view with cup of coffee like never before.

Has anyone heard a rumor that we're gonna be stepping up our Game soon?

No! But it sounds interesting. Can’t wait to find out what this stepping up the game is about.

BTW: cup of coffee on tiniest balcony, listening to this music of your choice and just for a few minutes to take a flying tour..., that would make my day!

You are not in a tiny apartment, living a big huge apartment because the beauty of nature you are enjoying everyday not possible for the people who live in big apartment but they can't enjoy this wonderful nature. In my eyes you are very happy man. Wonderful collection and awesome song that really enjoyed.

Billion dollar view with such fantastic art along side life is complete :)

Life isn't complete until the Fat Lady sings!


It ain't over till the fat lady sings
It ain't over till (or until) the fat lady sings is a colloquialism which is often used as a proverb. It means that one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress. More specifically, the phrase is used when a situation is (or appears to be) nearing its conclusion. It cautions against assuming that the current state of an event is irreversible and clearly determines how or when the event will end.

Kate Smith singing God bless America at Philadelphia Flyers home games .

Is that a jar of pickles? Please give those walnuts to me...

I can't give them away. They were a gift from a friend.

I prefer the "live" painting which may be different every day , as you look from your window. I also remember the paint was gifted to you from @skapaneas and obviously all the things we see in the post remind you of "something".

Memories are good but are past . Prefer to live the Present before it's Past too !

To be candid, your apartment is more than beautiful. I looks great.
I know that you will like cool music like blues.

Your collection is very good . Music is awesome . All pictures is very nice . Thanks for sharing @onceuponatime

I do love to listen to Indians songs mostly but when it comes to English songs. I do love to listen to ed Sherin and our lovely steemian @edprivat and @yidneth. I also recommend you to visit their profile and show some love to them.

Aww thanks for the lovely mention and gentle encouragement. 🌻🌻🌻🌻

Because you are surrounded by mystery and adventure, I also love this

Good collection. But your 4th is so nice. I appreciate you. Because your collection is incredible. Love is life. Thanks for sharing with us.

I know it will sound weird to all of those who don't know you personally, but this post is simply awesome; full of gratitude, good vibes and emotions. It personally made me feel good :)))

Having such a remarkable view can inspire the imagination in a beautiful and artistic way. Thank my friend.

What about this???? Loutraki, imagine september, empty Loutraki without noise...

listening to sign of times :P

Great artifacts and images, gues, all these are in your little apartment? I like that you are a collector of such things, i do have too many, but, must first take photos of all that i love. I'm new, but i will add them all once upon a time, as you have done it here. Great. Upvote for you, because, you deserve it with your work. Regards. Maya.

The view of your apartment is incredible, I assure you it is blessed and protected.

You have a really great collection dear.

το soundtrack που ανεβασες μου θυμησε παρα πολυ το παρακατω...οι περισσοτεροι της γενιας μου δε το θυμουνται...οι πιο νεοι δε το γνωριζουν...εχω μια ελπιδα να σου λεει κατι εσενα σαν λιγακι μεγαλυτερος μας που εισαι... θα μπορουσε καλλιστα να αρχιζει καπως ετσι... once upon a time ,there was a little girl and her father trying to solve the big mystery of cloubusting ... ... ... ...

I follow you, please follow me, sir. I'm totally new to Steemit. Hope you will follow me and help me get filled up by Upvoting. Thank you so much.

Amazing i appreciate your work, your post is showing your hard work

Very good music that you chose from Harry Styles.

That hued image of you is very tenacious, I don't think your apartment is that small

You collection is my collection baby ;) Opps sorry mate :P

excellent collection, i love too

Well do agree completely with the view from the place :)

While liked the paintings and negative image of yours ;)

good taste sir :)

I imagine all this things flying in the air and the view just in the background to surround and hug them. Take a breath, smile and keep them all in your soul!

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When you are surrounded with the things you love . . . space doesn't matter!

His taste for art and decoration of his home is beautiful.

I like. Surface water and many water shades inside. You have a fine sense of style. It appears in everything, in your texts, in your interior details, in your humor. I like you very much, I love this trait in people, the balance on the verge of good and evil.

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