Inktober Day 7

in art •  8 months ago 


It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and we had our big dinner yesterday, which means the day was crazy, and there was zero time for drawing, so I'll be attempting to make up for it by posting 2 today (or possibly tomorrow). So here's a quick little inked witch for day 7. Some parts are a bit messy, but that's what happens when the kidlets are using the same table for their own art station. lol

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I like how gentle and careful her expression is, I wonder what she is brewing :).


Thank you! Yes, she is just contentedly plugging along, doing her favourite work, brewing random concoctions for her magical spells. 😊

At first I thought it was an ordinary women, but when I looked closely, discovered it is actually a pretty witch lol. To be honest, the artwork seems flawless to me, tho I'm not a very big critic of arts.



Very nice work! Great job!
(I have new drawings and hope you look at them:)


Thank you!