Inktober Day 6

in art •  6 months ago


I figured I'd do something a little different for today's drawing. Taking a wee break from the iPad, and from the comic book, working with good old fashioned pen and paper, and getting some Halloween feels.
As I was drawing this, little miss kept coming by and saying "awww!" I've always been a fan of bats, so I'm glad to get her on my side with this cutie.

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Awww that is a very cute bat indeed!
I love her expression and her pose. Well done, Megan :D.


Thanks! It was a lot of fun to draw something a little different, and drawing adorable things automatically puts a smile on your face. 😊

So sweet, a darling little bat, reminds me of stellaluna :)


Thank you! I think they’re pretty cute anyway, but I just had to amp up the cuteness factor. lol
I’ve heard of stellaluna in passing, but just had to look it up. And now I’m probably going to have to get a copy for my kids. Haha

Really cute bat. I like it😁


Thank you!

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The crearure looks happy and lively. I wish I you could show us your progress shot. Would have enjoyed it more.



Thank you! The drawing is really quite small so I didn’t take the time to grab a picture of the sketch before inking it. I’m not doing progress shots for most of my inktober drawings, but typically do for my more involved pieces. Thanks for checking it out!

Adorable bat ! That expression is just so endearing <3


Thanks so much!

What is this?! The creature looks super cute haha


haha It’s a bashful little bat!