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Chibi Drawing

This is my first time drawing a Chibi :3
Chibi: Japanese style comic which is known as "manga" sometimes get their characters drawn in smaller versions, which are more cute and more humorous.

What app did I use?

I used a drawing app called Paint Tool Sai, I've been using it for more then a month. Best drawing app I have ever used. I used to draw on Paint and Sketchbook, Sai is much more advanced. There's so many different tools to use on Sai. Took me a while to get the hang of it though. This is the best drawing I have done on this app, my other drawings were okay. If you get this app, and your drawing aren't the best on it, it just takes a little while to gt the hang of it so don't get frustrated.

How did I make this?

First I draw the sketch for the drawing then I outline it to make it look neat. Then I add the base colors. I had highlights and darker spots to add dimension. I also remember seeing a Chibi like this online so that is inspired by that. I didn't spend much time on the back ground but I hope you still like it.

Upvote, follow, resteem and comment!

Fill free to do any of these. If you have any questions about my drawing please comment them down below!


Great drawing! It looks awesome :D

She is cute and humorous. I'm waiting for her eyes to open up and a smile to appear. :)

Yes, thanks for commenting!

You are multi-talented , So perfect

You're welcome
Can you check out my blog ?

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