Stained Glass Black Mantis... (MoneyArt By CMOR)

in art •  3 months ago

Vatican Comicon.jpg

This is my art from today... Stained Glass Black Mantis is like a vatican comicon... Catacomb Icon... I don't know, I was watching a movie as I painted, it was a good distraction from not drinking alcohol... (10 days now!)

On the reverse side is an old piece I did in 2017, with Bob Ross painting the BP gulf oil spill... I guess that relates to Aquaman, because they would have been PISSED at BP for screwing up their ocean...

Happy Little Gulf.jpg

Okay, have a kickass day! Or night... LOL

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Looks cool man! Looking forward to seeing more :)


You should look backward... Over 150 pieces on my feed here...


Oh cool! will do. :)