Rhymes With Pulverine... (New MoneyArt By CMOR!)

in art •  2 months ago

Rhymes With Pulverine.jpg

I know what you're thinking...

Whose balls did I have to fondle, to get my very own $50 bill to draw on?

I'll give you a hint: It rhymes with Pulverine!


I drew this today, daring only to use pencil, just in case I have to spend it someday! Being unemployed gives me way more time to produce fun artworks... But yeah, customers are cool too! (Buy my art!)

Alternate title ideas are





Okay, gonna go do more art... You can do with this post what you will...


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Damn big spender! Haha. You should know at this point I'll be buying something from you once I'm past the struggle of affording daily coffee haha. Seriously, though, I have considered asking you about buying some of your stuff before but figured it was pointless with how broke I currently am and figured I'd wait until a time when I can actually afford to

I'm glad you went with pencil though. 50 bills is a lot to cough up. Fuckin awesome work though!


Thank you so much!

I’m glad to see you posting again.. keep going,

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Thank you so much! I still have more ideas than I can use, so hurray...


I'll give you $50 for it ;)


SOLD! Just send the $100 to my paypal...
($50 for the art, and then the cost of the banknote)