Sexy Succubus Bikini Strip, ORIGINAL ART, Full Process + Gif

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Hello everyone!! =D Its me Nycto and I'm back with a new piece of art for you all! Its a new semester for me and I really wanted to start off with a bang this time around. Also I really wanted to honor the end of summer with a real sexy monster girl ;). I hope you guys enjoy and enjoy reading about my process as well!


Well here we go! last semester was all about sketches, and mostly sketches from just scratch. I really enjoyed it and I believe it free'd me a little bit from feeling like everything has to be perfect... a little bit of style goes a long ways. So lets begin!

step 1. Finding a reference.

I was browsing my giant folders of random images that I have collected off the internet and I came across one that I had to illustrate! It had great curves and lighting... here it is.


so now that I had my reference I was ready to start....

step 2. Blue line sketch

I generally always start with a blue line sketch, its pretty much ingrained in me from my traditional art days, and it works great when your going back over with black! :) Always a good move.


step 3. Basic sketch

Next is a loose sketch, I added the wings and the tail and the horns of course... I cant help but turn the girls I draw into monsters at times haha. I also did a little bit of light tests. I wasn't sure at this point if I was gonna go over and make some clean lines. * I usually do *


step 4. Deciding to go strait to color!!

I decided that since its been forever since I did just some good old over painting that I would skip the clean lines this time. Its a much messier process but it usually bares great results * at my current level only If I have a good reference, other wise I have to make sure I have some clean line foundations* I had help from all my friends and watchers to pick out her color scheme!


step 5. Working on the face

ahhh this is where it gets interesting! As you can see I really started working on the face, over paint over paint over paint, slowly the sketch is starting to vanish. Also the background is coming into play!


step 6. Just working that skin!!

Not too much difference from here compared to the last but if you go back and forth really quick you can catch it. Its a pretty slow process of painting and layering to make it look just right. You can see the start of some sad clouds in the back haha. I wasn't very interested in doing them, I have done plenty of clouds and beach scenes so inspiration wasn't hitting me in that department... which brings us to our next step.


step 7. We have a background! XD

There is a background! I did what I've seen done by a few concept artists, I simply put together a background with various photo references. I really just wanted to focus on the character since I am still very much in the learning phase of my journey. Also you can see that her face is done up even more, along side her hair and the lighting I made right beside it. Its starting to feel alive.


step 8. Say goodbye to the linework!

Big step here! I decided to do some background painting after all, I added a few clouds to the composition. Also ALL the lines are gone now, its well on its way to becoming a finished illustration...


STEP 9. Getting those details... layer layer..

only an hour passed before this next process shot... I spent allot of time just layering skin and second guessing myself about things haha. :) but its getting so close!


STEP 10!!!!! Maybe shes born with it... maybe its really time consuming painted hair XD.

Its all about the hair here! Another hour or so passed and I pretty much just worked on that back part of her hair... so many little details and curves and overlapping. Its worth it though, its so close... time to just go at it now and finish her up! ^_^


STEP..... DONE@!!!! XD XD XD

Well here she is! ITS DONE!!! As you can see I added some more little details in the background just to give it a more alive feel, I added more skin textures, finished the hair and adjusted some levels... over all it was over a 10 hour process but I wont know for sure until I put together all my video footage and make my process video coming next week I hope you all enjoyed my process descriptions!



WELL thats all for now my friends :) I really hope that you all enjoyed this new piece and my long explained process as well. Again my name is Nycto and please be sure to follow me for lots more art and tutorials! ^_^
Until next time!

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Omg this is totally amazing :v Many steps yeah but it was worth each of them! You got so much texture! That skin and even the clouds are so perfect that they look so real!! So many flawless details! I'm really mesmerized with this illustration. Amazing job!

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woooooo thank you so much @ailindigo =D Im really glad you enjoyed all the steps and appreciate all the hard work that was put into it ^_^

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thank you so much as always @c-squared =D

Nice pin up picture :D The step by step is also well presented, but I do wish the background was as staggered as the figure, it seems like there is a giant leap between sections of colours to suddenly finished beach background !

The skin tone is very nicely done, with a grainy shine feel to it ! Good picture :)

Thank you again @veryspider Ill be sure to make more steps for the background next time around! ^_^

Such a great work. And sexy, too! Excellent job, Nycto! 😊

thank you so much @trincowski =D really glad you liked this one

Love it! Great post and the picture is fantastic. Skin tone and shading is outstanding. And the background also looks great imo. Looking foward to the video.

Thank you for looking through and enjoying my post @haven3dx XD Ill be sure to post the video next week!

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Woooahh!! =O thank you so much @celfmagazine !! =D

Thanks for sharing, your work is worth a poem. greetings.

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