Elfish Girl Study

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Hey guys! =D Hope your saturday is going well! My names nycto in case you didnt know! :).

Here is a quick study I did! Ill go ahead and show you my process too per usual ^_^


well thats it!! :) This one is another older one.. New stuff coming soon!

Be sure to follow me for lots of arts and videos!



You draw some beautiful creatures. The women are almost hypnotic. I love the gaze they portray.

💎Hailie Kaye

thank you very much @hailiebaby =D Be sure to follow for tons more I got to share!

Amazing art photography.....loved it thank you for sharing

thank you very much :) and your quite welcome! Plenty more where that came from.

Thank you

Awesome as usual :)
Some serious Maybelline on those lashes!

Oh im gonna follow you also! =D

thank you my friend! =D Thanks again! And yea hahah I tend to make my girls eyes pretty dark around the edges :). Lots more to come man!

Resteemed you. You have great talent and love your stuff.

WOAH! thank you so much! =D I will definitely give you a watch! Thank you for the support!

You should hide a small and secret mark in all of your pics and give a vague description of what it is. Whoever finds it first and lets you know what it is in a comment gets a free upvote by you. Make sure that you have a requirement that the winner has upvoted the post as well. That could make it fun and increase user engagement 💩

What software do you use for this?
Could you do a video tutorial?

I use photoshop for everything do actually! And sure! I do plan on doing video tutorials eventually especially if people want me to :)

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