MEGAPOST Cute Dwarf Blacksmith, *step by step*

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Hello everyone! I come to you this time with a brand new piece and character of mine. And I'm about to take you step by step with how I did it! =D


Alright, well with this one and with all my other characters I always start with something from the top of my head and see if I can "feel" out the image prior to any solid lines or form. and this is where I started.

I loved the direction it was headed already! But soon realized that the anatomy was wayyy off.. arms and shoulders don't rotate like that, especially when swinging a hammer, so I went back to the drawing board.


This one felt MUCH closer but still.. very off. SO I went ahead and found a hammer * a meat mallet * and a mirror and went to town pretending to swing a hammer, I had to find the right angle and look for the swing and position and then I finally figured out what was wrong. Both the wrist and the hammer itself. SO then I went ahead and drew up these final lines! =D

I had it!! =D The commissioner loved it as well so then It was time to color!
flat colors!
finding my shadows and light sources
Beginning to add details and sweat and all that good stuff!
And then there she is!! =D

This whole process takes about 10-20 hours. depending on how long my sketch phase is and how long it takes me to figure things out and decide on color! :)

^^ Giphy for you guys!!! ^^

WELL I hope you all have enjoyed this process with me and I hope that you will be sure to follow me for lots more characters, art, tutorials, videos and more! :) Until then!

Any comments or upvotes is always appreciated of course ^_^ Ill see you all soon!

-Nycto bow.png


nice art but dont give content which you posted in face book.Giving fresh content will help you to get so much upvotes and followers. your work is amazing.

this is an excellent idea!! =D I take it you follow me on facebook? I shall implement this immediately!

well i search for original work which has not published anywhere but steemit. thats why i know :) And please make an introduce yourself post that is a verification for steemit that will help you more also.

lovely work of art! i especially like the attention to detail and the color scheme you chose!

thank you so much @andywong31 :) it was allot of work!

It sure is i bet! My pleasure! 😀

Loving and digging it Nycto! Dwarf girl for the WIN! You know that legend says that nobody ever sees dwarf women? You should make a separate post and try a headline with, "BREAKING NEWS! Dwarf Women Actually Do Exist...Picture Reveal!" Do something like that and maybe it will catch some interest...maybe not? :D

Upvoted Resteemed, but cannot help your reputation right now because it was damaged to less than 25 by some bully thought police jerks because I was defending a guy on a post. As soon as I get enough upvotes I will be able to continue to help build your reputation with my votes.

Keep up the good work man (edited from: lady)!

no worrys my friend! =D AND im actually a dude ;) lol!!! Thats a really good idea btw! And also im sorry to hear that :(. I hope you get back up soon!

LOL! Sorry, your user pic threw me off. I did see your intro post though and figure it out :D. I'm already recovered from the rep all's good.

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