The Black Gate

in #art4 years ago

Today’s piece is one of my new favorites! This is photo of a light pole near sundown. I wasn’t expecting this one to turn out the way it did but everything about this photo is beautiful. The cemetery of the universe always amazes me. I call this one “The Black gate” because when I look at how the light pole is splitting the sun, it looks like the pole is door cracking open to another universe.



Me encanto tu foto, espero que continúes compartiendo trabajos como este.

This called excellent photography....

that's what I call " a photographer's own vision". u've turned a very simple view to a great one! keep up !!!!

Fantastic photograph and astounding difference amongst light and shadow. That is an astonishing photograph! With such incredible planning too, consummate position of the sun and awesome point to get the post so great. My most loved part is the shade this makes, its like a way prompting your door. Great job !Beautiful view at dusk...

That is an amazing photo! With such great timing as well, perfect position of the sun and great angle to get the pole so perfect. My favorite part is the shade this creates, its like a path leading to your gate. Good job !

I love how you capture this. Perfect angel and moment for sure!!!

You managed the light perfectly, how did u ajust the ISO?

It's kinda deep this photo, made me think about good and evil.

Just point and shoot with iPhone X

Wow this is very beautiful, really impressive shots, very beautiful, you shoot him calmly, I enjoy it. Very cool, no words other than fantastic

This is a very nice post. Thanks for sharing. With only a photo so much upvotes. Great!

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Wherever there is light one can photograph. The timing is perfect. A marvelous contrast between light and shadow.

Great Picture @novert, you are one of the best photographer.

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

Beautiful view at sunset...

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Good photo sun. Nice creation taken @novert

Great light and shadow.

Excelente trabajo, muy buena la foto. Gracias por compartir.

Nice work of art... Please follow me also thank you.

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amazing pic... wow....

good approach, I really like that plane

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The appearance of nature is very beautiful. And the photos you post are not less beautiful I like her. Maybe there's got a talent in photografy

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Nice composition and great angle.

Great photography work

very beautifull....

", it looks like the pole is door cracking open to another universe."

i like the quote above, i had to carefully stare at the pole to get the feeling. Nice one

excelente, buen trabajo, compartimos un gusto similar, sigue asi... aqui te comparto algo de lo que tambien hago

Saludos (y)

this is awesome...kudos mate

Great picture !!!

You captured it at the perfect moment, I really feel the photography. Amazing job!

Good shoot, I like the looking of the shadow! It is perfect

sun clock :). abstract photo is super fun when u get one good most of them is not. so gratz on these one

I wish I could take pictures like this. Any tips for us amateurs?

Amazing point of view!

I agree with you @novert, the image takes me to a portal that opens slowly. Excellent composition, the shots in front of the sun are not easy. Congratulations.

It look's like a portal! Cool shot!

An amazing art photography . I agree with your thoughts..Good Work !

I love any play in shadows

nice shot and timing there! looks a bit to me like a tear in the fabric of space and time :)

Amazing Shot! Happy to have found your page!

i love the idea of the pole being a portal to another universe. i imagine the other side of the portal to be a snowy and cold landscape in contrast to warm sunshine in this picture. Amazing where good art can take you.

Excellent photo and sensational contrast between light and shadow.
Greetings from Venezuela.

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