Solar Grid

in art •  9 months ago

This is a picture of the lawn chair at 5x using my iPhone X. I like the way the light hits certain parts of the picture making it shimmer and shine. It reminds me of a solar grid on a satellite.

Our outermost atmosphere is littered with satellites. In 50 years they say getting off of our planet will be a near impossible feat because there are so many satellites orbiting our planet, that any rocket leaving our planet will most likely hit one on the way up.


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That's nice and shiny! like this detailed picture. Unexpectedly, it makes me feel relaxed. It's not only about the color and composition but the story behind the photo. Thanks for sharing!


I asked myself this question, if its was the story that amazed me or the beautiful picture. Excellent work @novert


Good reflection @novert and good analisis of the photo @hiroyamagishi It’s a reality quite like Alfonso Cuarón’s film Gravity, and it’s called The Kessler Syndrome, is a theory proposed by NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler in 1978. It’s the idea that two colliding objects in space generate more debris that then collides with other objects, creating even more shrapnel and litter.
Greetings from Venezuela

we should encourage solar power to save earth from getting destroyed


And put more research into cheaper solar panels so it's not just for the developed part of the world


I fully agree with you

The iphone x is an excellent phone for audiovisual work, it has a great resolution.

stonishing photo Its truly helps me to remember a sunlight based lattice. The data about satelite has made the photo more lovely. informative.thanks for sharing

The sky is poluted with artificial and man made object orbiting.

wow! amazing

great post and informative.thanks for sharing

Nice. Simple lawn chair turned into an artwork. I love it.

when u have a creative mind,you can make such comparisons!
for me it is a chair similar to the one i have at home


I thought I am the only one who doesn’t get the value of this post.


Yes i Agree

I too am having one at my home,my grandpa used to sit on this most of time.

Am I the only person trying to picture the full chair!?

wow! amazing photograph Its really reminds me of a solar grid ...
Thanks for your nicly post ...

nice picture

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every celestial body dazzles a beautiful light, but one day things will happen that we do not want the collisions of the celestial bodies, the terrible thing that we imagine. However, for now still enjoy the beauty of the solar system that is in the sky while we can still see the beautiful light


It beautiful nice write up

Wao so amazing art such a hero you are real hero really appreciate ohh so cute art

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if I see this picture also resembles a form very similar to tika in aceh

Nice post.. i like @novert

Eye teaser...lovely

solar is way,that how can we use power of nature.

wow this is the nice and nice arts.

Amazing what things look like close up.

The information about satelite has made the picture more beautiful.

it looks impressive structor shade on grid. it’s cool way

lol with what you said about the satellites becomming more and more -
well it looks like we are literally building the outer walls of our prison on earth i'd say. lastly we won't be able to leave then and venture into space and will be forced to look at our dear planet earth and hopefully start realizing we have to clean up the mess on this planet we have allowed and created first. that's how i see it at least

nice post. unique objects

What you said about rockets not being able to leave our atmosphere in 50 years is simply not true.

All the simple thins are beautifull <3

Great use of light and colors.

Buena foto, gracias por compartir.

Perhaps they will tow those satellites and assemble them together and we can have a second moon of sorts. Your photo got me thinking of how all those satellites and their digital signals have created an invisible weave of electromagnetic waves. It is already impossible to travel on this earth without being influenced by them.

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The picture shows the beauty of light being captured. A simple colour being turned into different shades thats what light can do. Moreover only iPhone can make the things look real. I don't know why but the picture touched me.

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

Well detailed and iPhone could go very long way

This looks almost like a charcoal or pencil drawing

i cant wait for the 5D existence to take over by 50 years

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How do you get so many votes for this?


more or less a few bots have helped, promotion, spending of Steemcoin probably helped, then from there it just goes. Aside from the bots, tagging your posts properly helps get it out there a bit, the goal is to get followers that will like your posts based on content but anytime there is a weighted reputation system, there is a cause for abuse of the system but i'm sure SteemIt is aware of this and tweak the safeguards here and there.


Ok well that explains a lot i have seen better abstract photos around. :s

Seeing this reminds me of the scene in Andromeda Strain (the first one) where they were searching inside the satellite for the cause of the infection

Such a good shot! Good job!

I agree with your opinion, space garbages in the future will be a huge problem for humanity.

Art is magic in its best and greatest expression, apt and tangible in the eyes of artists.

Art is magic in its best and greatest expression, apt and tangible in the eyes of artists.

Im new here thankyou for following and upvote i follow and upvote too

That was beautiful , looks like a snake skin on my first glance because its kinda shinny.

Wow! It seems that smartphones are going to be used as microscopes soon, and open the world up to loads of microscopic discoveries by average individuals.

You find art in simplicity. That is a difficult thing to do. Really great photography. :)

good detail thanks

We'll probably deal with the problem of space junk and satellites before we come even close to a danger of hitting something and ruin the mission. I believe the scientist will not risk that much...

Anyway, beautiful photo it seems alive for a brief of a second.

Cheers, Luka.