Precious Cargo

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Today’s work is called “Precious Cargo”

Today I found my sons pacifier and his toy wheelbarrow in our mint plant. At a zoomed in closer look, it looks like it’s in a miny forest. Like someone left it there a lonnngggg time ago.

My son doesn’t always need his pacifier. Only when it’s time for bed does he need it to help him fall asleep. So he doesn’t know it but his pacifier is precious. Probably more precious to us than it is to him. So today I found some very precious cargo lost in the mint plant.



wow. Although it seems funny but pacifier is one of the childhood memories which most of us used in their life.

hi good effort to write

This is so cute @novert. Raising children seems like something else. So far removed from my reality, but it seems fun..

@novert, raising children can be so tiring but its such fun that i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

kids are so awesome

Wow!!! Ok @dhamtex I'm inspired..

nice effort shows good childhood memory

Really it's a precious thing, things realted to your child are always precious, you love these these things because your child loves them or these things bring comfort to them.

Extremely it's a valuable thing, things realted to your kid are constantly valuable, you cherish these things on the grounds that your kid adores them or these things convey solace to them

My grand kids used to get so freaked out when the dog would take their pacifier, the dog be like these things must taste good I gotta try

Loving child and their loving activities...they mean everything to us...even a tiny thing related to them becomes priceless...angels of life!!!

A baby brings freshness, just like mint. Bringing the two together is a symbolic match. Good instincts.

La foto quedó espectacular, el contraste de colores combinan perfectamente.

amazing picture ,, auto focus

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Precious Cargo ?
Good Idea @novert!

Nicely taken, Great click. Keep following.
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Sooooo cute! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Wow,amazing photography, I will learn with you, how to take some perfect photo, and make it to be the best art,,,😊😊😊

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Aww that's really cute

Children love to be pampered and showing them that you love them and care too, it makes them feel happy and full of life. What an impressive article. Keep it up. ;-)

Kids are always miracle!
So cute!

wah, dear boy is because the dot of a thing that is needed by him, he must forget to be left behind.

It's fun dealing with kids because all they do is make you laugh at the crazy things they do. ;) @novert

a hero for your son, the super mom, beautiful photo

Muy buena fotografía

Excelente fotografía!

To have reasons for creativity, it is necessary that your life itself is meaningful. I liked your post. Good luck to you and have a nice day.

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I like the Zoom in effect. The awesome miracle of cameras. It's very beautiful @Novert

very very nice effort in young age girl very nice

love to see this pic......just awsome..


Very good post

Very nice to see this. Amazing post. Hope to see from you more amazing post in future. Have a good day.

nice written material

Beautiful Foto.

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It is indeed precious for your son and your son is precious for u. God bless u n your son too

Awesome read 😎

Awwwww... such a sweet story! Love your precious cargo! ♥️

Nice post! i loved this article a lot!
i don't have kids but i like being around kids and taking care of kids.Here is my article up plzzz vote it i upvoted yours too :)

What a nice picture! It brings me peacful feelings. I have a little nephew who uses a cute little red pacifier all the time. Reminded me of him.

My daughter had a blankie that she would never leave the house without and she definitely wouldn't sleep without it! We always had to make sure it didn't get left anywhere or no one was sleeping! Lol

did a very good job

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Haha.... and nice shot! I didn´t look closely on the pic first and realized after I saw it in full size that it is a pacifier..... I thought it was a close up photo montage with an animal. In some way it looked on the small pic like a little chameleon or some kind of strange reptile-insect which is hiding behind the plant. The big bubble would be the eye and the blue part on the left is its proboscis. :-) On the big screen it looks now more familiar and non-exotic... :-)

Love the simplicity of your connections with your images.

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