Clear Planets

in art •  9 months ago

If planets had the possibility of being clear, this is what they would look like through an anvanced telescope. Well, if the galaxy was also lit by a gigantic fluorescent star. This is a shot of a small bottle of hand sanitizer with my iPhone X using my new 15x lens. I love the great detail the lens gives of these tiny bubbles which are about the size of the ball on a ballpoint pen.


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Great work! May I ask the model of the lens? I'm wondering if it's available in Japan of the Philippines. I have seen many ads about telephoto lenses for phones but I seriously doubted the idea of clipping a bulky lens on my phone's camera. With this kind of result though, I think it's worth trying.

Oh, great photos! Thank you!

Cool photo, I like how many different focus and blur points there are


nice comment

wow. gravity turned into an artwork. lol

Sort of like if the universe was a giant gin and tonic. LOl. That is where my mind went:)

Since I was a kid I had a phobia of infinity of universe and so on. It's so scary and impressive at the time that I can't chose which feelings attack more lol.
This photo is fascinating and I like how you made a connection of a simple bottle and planets. Well done!
Have a nice day - @tonac :D

I guess the universe will always remain a mystery for us human race. Who knows what behind the sun or is it really just a giant ball of fire? Who knows?

I'm not sure about clear planets, but there is speculation some stars could end as pure cold diamonds.

whenever i read your posts the're ever charming, it is like there is magic in them , thank you

Wow, very interesting! Thanks for sharing. The pic is cool!

Nice art, how to make in android. If you known, please learn to me.thnkas.

I love the idea, cool photo!

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the art of abstract photography or the beautiful scenery of a preoccupation, such as your photos, your photos are incredible friends @novert

gravity doing it's magic great quality for an iphone! feel free to follow me as I will and upvote your future content

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Thank you for sharing

Nice photo.

That is a great photo my friend. WOW Amazed!

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Perfect picture, loved it, I'll take it for my wallpaper

Pretty awesome there! Entropic dreams!

Hermosa pintura...

very clear image of the bubbles:) great photo!!!

Nice to see photo and read text.

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Peugleh planet nyeh?

I'm still not sure which bubble is bigger and how big is this post going to get. I mean, all it has in it is bubbles. But the payout is my monthly salary.

What a picture! And nice words my sis!

very good photos.

I like your imagination - you can see a universe in a bottle of water :)

wow, nice dear

Im a photographer, please follow and vote my creation, thanks :)

Technology changing our perception about things..

amazing picture!

Seen most, and I guarantee all are great.

Wow. Very nice shot. Truly the iphone gives its best..

beautiful image friend I congratulate you, it is impressive how this image reflects a background of the same image and gives a good zoom to the image and usually happens for example to the cameras you put in the lens a drop of water and the zoom you will have incredible and I repeat I love the image

I send you a big hug from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading


Very cool picture

Perfect picture.This is very cool.very clear image of the bubbles.

Bubble planets

I really like your style. Have you considered turning some of your stunning images into short vid clips, gifs I guess/ some sort of abstract motion effect? I just thought it would work well with your abstract theme, it seems like something you'd have fun with!

Beautifull picture my friend! This planet also needs to be clean!
I congratulate you for your text and photo. That many more could come in the future!


Such a good photo! Great shot!

Excelente trabajo, muy curiosa fotografía.

I'd like to get help with how to do. Looks very nice

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

d earth and d surrounding planets will resemble like dew drops

Nice photography skills you got!

Im new here thankyou for following and upvote i follow and upvote too

rabbimin inayeti

Wow. That's a really neat image and a great quality picture too. I love the perspective you have of the picture.