Alien Ant Farm

in #art4 years ago

I just sat and looked at this photo I took for 10 minutes trying to think of a name for it. It’s a photo I took of an old beach chair that sits on our back porch. The photo is a zoomed in look at the arm rest. The groves of this arm rest were probably hard to see when it was first bought. But after decades of sun, beach, and dirt, it has started to show its groves clearly. The grooves remind me of the tunnels in an ant farm. Only issue is the tunnels don’t connect. So I name this one “Alien Ant Farm”.



I love closeup's! I like the challenge in trying to figure out what the photos are. I never would of guessed this one.

Strange post but I always follow your work...
support me with a vote of yours please

interesting and unique photos. thanks for sharing ...

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!


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