Historical black and white photo, in color

in #art7 years ago

We know lots of historical photo, but how would they be if they were taken in color?

Orphan, London, 1945

Japanes archers 1860

Albert Einstein, 1938

"Old Gold", 1939

Oscar II, King of Switzerland and Norway



Good job! Upvoted and followed too ; ) Have a nice day!

Upvoted! Like those comparisons, and in colour they look like all those presets everyone is obsessed about recently :)
Grainy grainy!
Shoot wedding collab with film camera, I'm not obsessed! :)

Thanks :) I'm following you

This is an interesting comparison!

Thanks my friend

Those are great examples of the impact of black and white. I recently had sort of an Ansel Adams moment on this one: https://steemit.com/photography/@iamwne/a-study-of-the-lakefront-stylized-black-and-white

Nice :) upvoted and followed

Much appreciated.

Moro Nino stai pariando

In english please

Upvoted)))!!! Nice! Is it real historical color or its up your imagination?

Interesting changes. I followed :)

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