Stay Calm: This Is Just Another Post Where I Include An Image I Produced and Don't Really Say Much About Anything

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@NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself here again and today
I'll write some bullshit about what this picture means.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Stay Calm.jpeg
Stay Calm

In Reality

The image above is simple and easy to look at.

In the mainstream art world, as an artist, I'm supposed to bullshit about what the art represents.  That way, if people don't like what they see, they still might buy into the lame story they heard about the art.  Then the buyer can take it home, hang it on the wall, invite friends over, then attempt to regurgitate the lame story verbatim while the friends lap it up and think, "I'm so happy I'm friends with this highly intelligent and sophisticated individual who has good taste in things like art.  I feel my social status within this group rising the more I squint my eyes, appear to be interested, and nod my head as if I agree with everything being said."

The Line of Bullshit:

This image represents a dark cloud being cast over the bright future of cryptocurrency, causing everyone to see red.  The red brings out feelings of fear and anxiety in some while others may experience anger and betrayal.


You see?

Obviously the description has nothing to do with the real world and I, as an artist who does not put any thought into projects, simply felt like mashing a few meaningless colors onto a digital canvas so there would be something for me to post today.

Thank you.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Hopefully I did not cause your sarcasm detector to explode."

© 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


I see a cord, kind of like an old-fashioned mouse, connecting it all. Actually, it's a bit like a placenta. At the connection to the cord is a little white man, his head connected there, dependant on the cord for nourishment. His legs hang off the picture, along with the creature providing his life support. The creature seems to have it's tendrils in everything.

I'd like to create a job title for myself as "art interpreter" for hire by art galleries that are clueless about what is hanging on their walls. Then I could talk about placentas and little white man all day long. I could have an advertisement that goes something like this: "Think you know what that paint splatter means? Wrong! Ask me, if I don't know, my bullshit is better than yours - guaranteed!"

I have to give you credit. You are by far the best art interpreter who has stepped foot inside this blog of mine. Who cares if it's bullshit! I'd hire you on the spot. Speaking of spot...
NoNamesLeftToUse - Spot.jpeg
It's a dog. I named him spot.
Just one of my dumb jokes.

I'm glad you think so - I'm making you a reference. Expect calls from "Highfalutin Art of the South" and the likes in the next few weeks.

The white dot inside all that black is the dog? Oh I see now, he's a white husky in the middle of a solar eclipse. Very poignant this time of year - a symbol of seasonal depression. I recommend the gallery hang it near the windows to get the most dramatic contrast between light and dark...

If you can do that, with a dot, you won't be needing me for a reference. Just bullshit your way through the interview. You'll be fine!

Well that right there looks like an open ribcage with blood exploding out and upward. Thanks for telling me to stay calm otherwise I'd be panicking right now.

Who needs pills when someone can just say, "Stay calm," and everything just melts away.

Looks like there's blood on the streets.

Once the dust settles, we will rebuild!
I hope.

I see the chocolate sauce that hardens instantly when you pour it in to ice cream.

Much like crypto, wait a little, but then when you dip in, you will be rewarded.

It's so cool you were able to pull that clever analogy from this image. Thanks for that.

I just love the way you let the fluid reds engulf the praying ghosts like a literal bloodbath wreaking havoc on the already dead.

They weren't dead enough. There was no other way.

Fair enough.

"Hopefully I did not cause your sarcasm detector to explode."

I've been listening to way too much Tim Minchin for that, it's long since happened. Now I'm just left standing here wondering why everyone keeps shaking their heads at me and saying I'm hopeless, and why everyone thinks such stupid things.

I don't know. Maybe if they shake hard enough, their heads will fall off.

Oh yes the decline of steem. Scary times we live in. And I thought it was a dead bloody cat on piano keys. I would like to think we'll get through all this and come out much farther ahead. I do enjoy your art.

Maybe that's what happens when you get your fingers slammed in key cover thing.

I like it and so relevant to what we are seeing but sometimes even through the clouds there is hope and beauty. Beautiful landscapes require the rain from these clouds so I think similarly, what we are experiencing is just part of what needs to happen!

Can't have positive without negative. There is no light without darkness. No up without down. No Coke without Pepsi.

We could have Coke without Pepsi.


I'd just call it Poke.

Or Epipepsi.


I thought it was a photo from inside a cows udder. Shows what I know

You need to get out to the country and have a closer look at those udders.

I did... that's why I'm not allowed within 1km of any dairy farms in Australia

Ever see what Tom Green used to do in the late 90's? Google him combined with udders.

fire and ice

Better comment:

I find this work menacing playful because of the way the red markings of the wave visually and conceptually activate the eloquence of the piece.
-- @kansuze assisted by

Thank you for this wonderful information.

Thank you kindly. Please continue producing your wonderful art.

I shall do my best to carry on. Thanks for always being there.

Thank you for hosting us. You know, my favourite part about pixmaven today was the phrase "menacingly playful." It suits your bloodier works.