How I came through an artistic slump

in art •  10 months ago

I do plan to post an intro bio on here very soon, but I felt this was important enough to share before then, and wanted to get it up here on Steemit first before I post it on my IG so you know I didn't just copy it from my IG (eg some may call into question that I am the same Nolan as @nolanh_art)
Been a little while since I've posted any artwork online now! And this is certainly a departure from my normal fair... (please go check out my IG to see my other works by comparison)

This particular piece is the result of the past several weeks being engrossed in a quest for Knowledge and questioning almost everything...
Which resulted in an artistic slump... Time to practice what I preach! That art can be the conduit to break through barriers!

So I found myself going back to where I brought myself out of my decade-long artistic slump before... Just start with a circle, and see where it takes me...

Would I hang this on my wall? Not really lol - I don't even particularly like it - but I wanted to share it as its a practice and maybe this might resonate with even just one person reading this 😊

I don't really have anything to say about this piece in particular - it's more about the story leading up to it and how even this random jumble of shapes helped me keep the creative flow... Well, flowing!

But I did learn something cool... I can blend gel pens, and not only that but because of their opaque nature they make for some very cool effects while still wet!

Anyone else love their #gelpens ?

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