Original Digital Drawing in Photoshop (+Process Documentation)

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Found this drawing of mine and thought you might enjoy how it was done.
I used Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Bamboo. 

Step #1:

This is a bit messy but it was an experiment and good enough for me :)
The lines have to be in a seperate layer to make the coloring process as easy as possible.
Yeah, I like slightly weird faces.

Step #2:

Each color should be in a seperate layer. The first layer containing the lines should be positioned above all of them, this will keep the colors in the background so they won't show on the lines.
I find it easier to fill a whole layer with a color and then use a layer mask to spread it — because if for any reason you should dislike the color you've chosen, you then can correct it in one simple step by just filling another one into the layer.

Step #3:

Choose some colors for contouring and highlighting. I used a mauve and yellow-greyish color. Again in two seperate layers, above the previous coloring layers.

Step #4:

Your layers should look like these. For the contouring layer you can use "Linear Burn". For the highlights "Linear Dodge".

To finish it off, I played with a few curves to correct the colors, to make them pop out a bit more.

/Divider by Freepik.com

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading!


I have CS5 and I love working with layers but I haven't done anything "artistic" with it - mostly creating buttons, pictures and backgrounds for websites. But I think I may have to give this a shot! I've been thinking about merging one of my drawings with a really cool photo that I took.
Anyway - @ninkhisibir - I love strange faces too, and I'm really impressed with how you shaded and colored. The technique of using different layers for this effect is simply brilliant!

Thank you for your comment! As you're already used to working with layers, I think using this coloring technique will be very easy & fun — I'm looking forward to seeing your work, I'm happy when something I've shared is of help! :)

She looks unimpressed.

She's a weird bird-something girl with a crown of hair, so she shouldn't be easy to impress :D

The crown looks like a birds nest. :P

Thanks Captain Obvious ;)

At your service ! :D

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