Presenting a snail logo @NikoBalazic

in #artlast year (edited)

I would like to present a few logos I made a short while ago and the theme was Motocross

The first two logos are meant for a motocross racer who lives in Polževci, translated into "Slugtown" , so Iused my imagination and made the slugs, so that they represent his home town.


The second logo was created for a French athlete named Adrien Van Beveren.
He noticed me on Instagram. I never used much of the app, but as it seems, it can be a good promo site for upcoming artists like me!


If anyone want any kind of logo, let me know!

Discord: krikozini#1539
Email: [email protected]


Bro, you will rock steemit! This is just amazing...

@Marjanko thank you, appreciate it a lot! :)

@nikobalazic Just keep up the good work ✌️

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thank you very much @arcange! :)

@flamingirl & @sallybeth23
If you need anime, avatar.....anything....This guy will make it happend ✌️Check him out ✌️